Pest Control Cheshunt helps you to save your house from almighty ants.

Pest Control Cheshunt  is talking  about that small creature that is smart enough to control your house, if u doesn’t evade them quickly.  yes many of you must have guessed right its none other than Ant. Presence of ant in house and simply seeing them makes you need to either step in a fit of tantrum or get scared about they being everywhere- from the floor to the walls. Calm Down!! You ought to venture back, take a full breath, and attempt to check whether you can get rid of these ants, first. This few easily available things can help you get rid of the ants and there is no harm in trying these tips at least once.



Vinegar and Water at your rescues

It is believed that ants depends on the scent they leave to trace their path. Destroy their path by eliminating the scent. How to do it? It’s not rocket science; all you will need is Vinegar and water. Mixture of vinegar and water is to be sprinkled on the places where you see ants. The odour of the mixture will be barrier for the ants and they will vanquish eventually.
You never thought flour can do wonder for you


Yes you heard it right. Draw a line of flour along the backs of racks and on places you see ants. Repulsed by the flour, ants won’t traverse the line and we move back.



Lemon and oranges
lemon and oranges don’t only contribute to your healthy body but also to your healthy home. Pour lemon juice on all the cracks and holes in your house. Ants if present in holes and cracks will immediately leave due to lemon. Grind orange peels and pour this puree into ant’s dwellings, ants will slowly leave that place.

Pepper the easily available spice in your home can also help you to get rid of ants within no time. Give this sugar searching intruders the taste of peeper and they will not dare again to come to the same place.

Talcum Powder
Dust talcum powder all over the places where you think have possibilities of this intruder to intrude in your house. Now relax and see the miracle happen.

Inspite of all the hardwork, if you are still struggling to keep ants away from your house feel free to call us we assure you to clear your house from this stubborn ants easily and  quickly